Confection Done Right


JOH Confection was launched in 1998 as a division under the JOH umbrella. Our product range addresses the candy needs of all ages and includes variety, healthy snacks, gluten free, sugar free and products made with natural colors and flavors. JOH Confection has an enormous amount of candy experience across multiple categories and offers a full calendar of seasonal candy for Valentine's Day, Easter, Back to School, Halloween, Holiday and so much more.

We pride ourselves on the constant attention given to all clients, regardless of size. Our primary goal is to drive profitable sales for our candy clients while delivering excellent service to our customers. JOH Confection provides coverage at headquarter sales, retail levels, C-Store and additional classes of trade.

JOH Confection is committed to making sure that what is sold in, gets to the shelves and sells through to the consumer.

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Kevin Shea
Executive Vice President, Confection