Frozen & Dairy Done Right

frozen and dairy

JOH Frozen & Dairy was launched in 1956 as a division under the JOH umbrella.

Frozen & Dairy product sales come with their own set of unique challenges. Aside from forecasting, retailer sell-in and consumer pull-through, the JOH team provides extraordinary knowledge and innovative solutions for refrigeration logistics.

We know how to move product efficiently and profitably from the manufacturer to distributors to retailers, and ultimately, to the consumer. And JOH does this all while under the ever-looming expiration date pressures of perishable products.

Our goal is to build profitable sales for our national and regional clients through complete headquarter and retail coverage. We do this by providing coverage in traditional retailers, alternate trade channels and by attending all of the major national shows such as FMI, IDDBA, NFRA and the Southeastern Frozen & Refrigerated Conference.

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Matt O'Hare
Senior VP, Corporate Development