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Fruits, Vegetables, Packaged Produce, Live Floral and Floral Hard Goods


JOH Produce launched in 1993 and is now the largest produce broker on the East Coast. Our team is comprised of seasoned and talented professionals who focus solely on the fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, packaged produce, produce commodities, live floral and floral hard goods.

We know how to move product efficiently and profitably from the manufacturers to distributors to retailers, and ultimately, to the consumer. And JOH does this all while under the ever-looming expiration date pressures of perishable products.

JOH Produce & Floral is fully invested in our clients' businesses. We research and study the industry providing strategic recommendations and solutions for trending items and challenges.

Call today to learn how JOH Produce & Floral can drive results for you.

Tom Casey
Executive Vice President, Regional Director, Produce & Floral