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You have done an OUTSTANDING job in leading the customer service efforts with all of our Northeast customers. Your dedication and ownership of our brand has really stood out. Each day we faced a new issue with a customer, you met each challenge head on and helped us navigate through it.

Another challenge I’d like to call out is specific to the learning curve of our new Customer Service team. Our Ft. Worth team is new to our retail business so I appreciate the time and guidance you provided when the team faced issues.

Keep up the great work!

Charles Sardo, Director of Sales - East, Ventura Foods

Howard and Ilene are amazing. I know the situation was difficult, but without them it would have been nearly impossible. JOH’s flexibility, knowledge, persistence and collaboration has been best in class despite being tested.

John E. Negray, National Sales Director, Red Gold Inc.

Great to hear the news about our success inside one of our newest customers! This was mostly due to your knowledge and relationship with the account and the buyer, and more importantly, the spot-on data analysis that Lindsay composed. This was great teamwork on the part of JOH. I am certain this is just the first of many successes you will bring to Olé.

Michael Pollack, Regional Sales Director, Ole’ Mexican Foods

Sue Shewokis, JOH Deduction Analyst, is doing a FANTASTIC job managing our FY17 deductions and cleaning up a lot of FY16 deductions for customers JOH did not have prior to January 1. She is also helping us clean up prior broker MEI inputs and adding incremental deals into the system for us to hit our Q1 objectives.

Great work Sue!

Sean Madden, Regional Sales Team Leader – Northeast, AdvancePierre Foods

Just a quick note of thanks to you and your team. Liv DeAndrea took the initiative to sell in a pallet program for Herbal Water! This is absolutely fantastic and the sort of strong selling we need on this brand. It is also a perfect example of why JOH is known as the best selling team in the business.

I also want to mention that Pat Scanlon and his crew are fantastic. Great work all around. Thank you!

Nicole LaFlamme, Sales Director, Sunsweet Growers, Inc.

We’re so lucky to be part of the JOH family and truly look forward to a bright future working together as a team.

Adam Biggs, SVP Sales, C2O Pure Coconut Water

In my 40 years’ experience in the Food Business, with 30 plus of those years being on the food brokerage side and the last nine years or so on the manufacturer side, one thing I have noticed is that retail supervisors and retail people never get the praise they deserve. In this business it is the retail team members that serve as the building blocks and cornerstones of this industry. I have the utmost respect for the job that you do each and every day for JOH and am thankful for the effort you put forth representing my company. Thank you for the display pictures. I look forward to working with you a great deal more in the future.

Andrew “Andy” Marsano, National Director of Sales, Gourmet Factory

I have to recognize the JOH team for mapping out a plan for Red Gold and implementing it. The results speak for themselves. In my eyes, this is the poster child of flawless joint business planning and perfect multifunctional collaboration driving new strategy and results.

Further recognition is due for overcoming some landmines during execution. Great adaptability and agility prevailed.

This was a true team effort delivering sustainable results.

John E. Negray, National Sales Director, Red Gold Inc.

On behalf of Mezzetta, we are very grateful for the top notch support from the entire JOH team. The behind the scenes work and retail production has been outstanding.

Joe Polivka, Retail Manager, Mezzetta

JOH continues to do an outstanding job managing the Gourmet Factory business. We could not be more pleased with the job the entire JOH team does, specifically Gary Rosenthal, EVP and Metro NY/NJ Account Executive; Mike Kowgios, Vice President Inner City; Doug Favreau, Headquarter Sales; John Blaisdell, New England Account Executive; Bill Melvin, Account Executive/Headquarter Sales and Cathy Brennan, Headquarter Sales. It is a tremendous pleasure working with such a professional group and we are sincerely THANKFUL to have JOH as our partner.

Andrew Marsano, National Director of Sales, The Gourmet Factory

Beth McGuire has helped me tremendously with developing the Calbee North America business, knowing your market and customers and doing so with the utmost consideration and professionalism that I have ever witnessed. Beth really helped me understand how to approach each and every customer as well as growing our business collectively to great heights. Her account is by far the best performing account in my marketplace and I really owe this all to her.

Thank you, Beth, for a job so WELL DONE!

Rob Mell, East Coast Sales Manager, Calbee North America

Congrats on a great job with one of our major accounts. In retail, we know that any volume we get isn’t a guarantee for the following year. So the fact that we are kicking off this year with a bang on seasonal and have locked in numerous new items, all in the first month of the new fiscal year, is a huge success. I just wanted to make sure you know how much I value you, your team and our relationship with JOH. Here’s to hitting new records with this account this year…sky’s the limit!

Kirk Avedisian, Northeast Regional Sales Manager, Continental Mills

It was great working stores with the JOH team in the Harrisburg, PA area. Distribution, shelf placement and rotation were all very good. Your team secured secondary locations for our product and discussed our Gluten Free offerings. We really appreciate everything JOH does for us. You guys are total pros. It is a pleasure working with you!

Jimmy Matthews, Regional Retail Sales Manager, House-Autry Mills, Inc.

The best decision Soundview Paper Company made in 2014 was hiring JOH as its broker in the Northeast. In the four-month period since we appointed JOH, our business has seen significant improvement.

JOH is full of talented associates from top management to retail execution who provide Soundview Paper Company a daily pulse on our ever changing industry. Their relationships and expertise in the trade have increased our performance level, separated us from our competition and provided us with new opportunities for growth in 2015.

Thank you JOH!

Phil DeStefano, Vice President of Sales, Marcal Paper

On behalf of White Castle, I wanted to thank you for an OUTSTANDING YEAR. I really enjoy working with your team and appreciate the great lengths they go to get the job done right. Virtually every account was up this year thanks to the efforts of the JOH team!

Dan Romano, Partner, Ram Group

Thank you so much for your team’s top-notch merchandising support during the Coolio test! Your team has been very dedicated and resourceful during this test period. The audit results that the JOH team have collected will help us analyze the performance and determine future enhancements for Driscoll’s Berries.

Diane Kirkpatrick, Merchandising Project Manager, Driscoll’s

Thank you very much for your professionally done recap of the beverage aisle report for Keurig/Green Mountain. Your team does an awesome job and we appreciate our continued partnership.


Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.

JOH is an exceptional broker partner. You help make the success of our company even sweeter.


Drew Facer, President & CEO, Idahoan Foods


Your team has done an excellent job pursuing, and now capturing market share from one of our largest competitors. With the great momentum we have established, we should see a sustainable market share advantage. Thank you for all your support. We truly appreciate your partnership and shared passion for the brand. Good selling!


Glen Walter, VP of Retail Sales, Idahoan Foods


The tremendous skill set of the JOH team, including your unwavering focus, support and determination, have made our success possible.


Richard McLachlan, Sales Manager, Idahoan Foods

In the first few months of working together, JOH has exceeded my expectations. JOH clearly has meaningful relationships with its retailers and buyers. All of our meetings have gone off without a hitch! Thanks to the JOH Team, our buyers were already aware of Primizie Snacks before we even stepped through the doors. This is a great example of working together to grow our business.


Brion Cimino, President & CMO, Primizie Snacks, INC

I am very pleased to let you know that Clabber Girl Corporation has appointed JOH to be our broker to represent us at Meijer and Spartan/Nash Finch.


We feel that moving our broker representation in Michigan to JOH gives us the best opportunity for growth and success. We have been very impressed with JOH New England and Metro regarding the way they have handled our business in those key markets. I am very much looking forward to working with JOH's Grand Rapids office to build our mutual business.


Dick Buxton, National Sales Manager, Clabber Girl Corporation

Another outstanding year! You broke another plateau … up 28% and you blew away your budget of 22%. Thank you and keep up the great work!


Chad Nichols, Eastern Regional Sales Manager, Sugar Foods Corporation

Many thanks and kudos go to your dedicated persistence on the Clam Juice initiative on our behalf. Your win is a direct result of the relationship, trust, experience and expertise that you have built on behalf of your portfolio brands! We need more dedicated brokers like you who are on top of their game and relentless in the pursuit of their goals!

Mike Cote, President & CEO, Bar Harbor Foods

I am amazed at the number of Yancey’s Fancy SKUs that we now have at Stop & Shop. Just about every store we hit had 8-10 YF items in the case. Many had all 10 items! This is the best presence of Yancey's cheeses that I have seen in a long time at S&S! JOH is doing a fantastic job!

Mike Wimble, EVP of Sales and Marketing, Yancey’s Fancy


Congratulatory Ads that appeared in Modern Grocer honoring Chip O'Hare for MFA Person of the Year.



I just want to say great job with shippers this season, especially right into the summer months with the shippers at Stop & Shop. In a tough year weatherwise, I believe it has been these impactful shippers that enabled us to have a positive year – Thank you JOH.

Christopher Costello, National Sales Manager–Retail, Bigelow Tea


On behalf of JYC Enterprise, we appreciate all the support JOH has given us over the last five months. We are now set up at Sweetbay and have our first order. From manufacturer to broker, we say THANK YOU!

John DeSanti, Vice President Sales, JYC Enterprise, Inc.

On behalf of Brady Enterprises, I would personally like to thank the entire JOH retail team for your excellent job merchandising and preselling Bell’s Seasoning shippers into key volume stores in the Northeast. Adding displays and brand exposure for Bell’s Seasoning right before the holiday rush is outstanding!

Bob Tallent, National Sales Manager, Brady Enterprises, Inc.

Thanks for all your help this year. We moved so many cases of Crushed Tomatoes that day, it was insane. We never scratched one case thanks to Red Gold's ability to get trucks to us fast.

Stephen Salotti, Grocery Replenishment Supervisor, Wakefern

My name is Terri Murray and I operate the 11 Massachusetts Turnpike locations for the Gulf Express/Cumberland/Gulf Group of Companies that stretch from Boston to the border of New York.  12 million people travel that road each year.  A  letter such as this from me should have been to you many times prior to now, and for many years now.  I am taking this holiday season opportunity to let you know how much I appreciate partnering with your company and especially your treasured Representative, Kathy Buchanan.  She is among a group of representatives that I feel lucky to have.

I surely know that when the business goes awry how quickly we communicate issues and failures, but great news comes a little slower. 

Over the last 8 years that I have been on the Turnpike, JOH has bent over backwards to help us grow our business.   Kathy has provided exceptional service and takes great pride in representing your Company.  We have a wonderful partnership that grows both of our businesses.  Not only has she ensured that the product is full and fresh with great image, but she has been my consultant, my mentor and my friend.  She gives up personal time to help me with many promotions for the MA Turnpike Authority and the Mass DOT events.  She has never let you downShe has never let me down.

Terri Murray

MA Turnpike Operations Manager

Gulf Oil LP/Cumberland Gulf Group of Companies

I wanted to reach out and just say that I had a great retail experience this week working with JOH. I was very impressed with the retail team. Sections looked great. Distribution was spot on. It is refreshing to see a marketplace in such great shape! Not only were the stores you took me to in great shape, but we were able to hit a bunch of stores in the area and they were all great. Some were a distance away in the middle of nowhere.  

Again great meeting/working with you and I look forward to doing that again soon.

Chad Nichols, Regional Sales Manager, Sugar Foods Corporation

Last week JOH and 4C had the opportunity to work together at retail to review store conditions. We audited 45 stores. The overall impressions of the market were very favorable. The sets reflected retail involvement in POG implementation. I would like to thank you and your team for a great week. We look forward to a tremendous summer selling season in Eastern Pennsylvania.  
Chris Quinn, Regional Sales Manager, 4C Foods
Excellent. The execution on the Red Gold really says it all about your organization. You are all about doing it right the first time. Thanks again.
Chuck Richie, Director of Red Gold Brands, Red Gold

Congratulations on your new website. It is times like this that we have the chance to reflect on our past and how we have progressed to the point we are today. It has been many years, since you started representing our East Point Brand, canned cold water shrimp. Even though we are a small player in the food business, you have always treated us with dignity and respect. Even though the effort expended does not get rewarded like your larger clients, you have never let us down. I hope that we can continue to work together for many years to come. In fact, with the new mergers at JOH, it may even be possible to boost our sales significantly with further market growth. Thank you again for the years of faithful service.

Joel Van Ornum, President, Dungeness Development Associates

GREAT JOB!!! We have been trying to get this accomplished for some time and within a week you succeeded at a reduced cost. Your efforts are appreciated.
Pat Carney, Northeast Business Manager, Faultless Starch Company

You have hired a quality person when adding Melanie Messner to the JOH staff. She is hard working, eager to learn, very pleasant, terrific at follow-up and most of all,

she gets it!!! Let her know that she has fit in here very well!
Mike McGowan, Category Manager, Health and Beauty Care

Your staff has been extremely responsive securing the customer appointments, and the success we are having is a direct result of their professionalism and enthusiasm!  The strong relationships that they have with their buyers is very evident.  I know that it’s still very early, but I believe we’re going to win with every customer.
Rick Schaffer, Vice President of Sales, Rader Farms


JOH has one heck of a team! You all worked hard to make it a great show. The pride, cooperation, follow-up and support have been amazing all year! I want to say THANK YOU to a great team. Be proud!
The Bozzuto's Team


It is hard to imagine that the DeWafelbakkers & JOH partnership is still less than a year old considering all that you have done to establish our business in the Northeast! Our business came to you from another sales agency that struggled just to get appointments and buyer follow-up. That has certainly not been the case at JOH! From our initial meeting with Dave Parker, he immediately began evaluating our products and offered to determine how best to position the brand against all customers. A roll-out plan was established and executed on time, on budget and with 100% success. In this day and age of big sales agencies so focused on touting their latest technology or system magic, it is refreshing to find a company like JOH that still remembers that selling products is what grows our mutual businesses. Congratulations on a great year!
Bob Savage, Vice-President, Retail Sales, DeWafelbakkers, LLC
Outstanding Effort! We appreciate your support and look forward to many more successes as we build our partnership and our business. Thank you!
Jim May, VP Consumer Package Goods, Faultless Starch Company
There is no stronger retail broker organization in the Northeast than JOH; their honest and hard working approach simply gets the job done.  Glad and proud to have them on board.
Rob Haley, Sales Manager - Eastern North America, Greenline Foods Inc.
Typical JOH, coming through in the clutch!
Bob LaVoie, Nonni's Regional Sales Manager


With the close of Seneca Foods fiscal year, at the end of this month, I want to congratulate you and your fellow workers at JOH Mid-Atlantic on a record sales year!
Phil Suchanek, Seneca Branded Zone Manager


I wanted you to know that we had a record week at Stop & Shop last week while on sale. I had the opportunity to audit several stores and found displays in each as well as ample backroom stock. In addition the ad in flyer was well placed and highly noticeable. The entire execution piece was excellent!!!
Bob Carlson, Vice President, Lindy’s Homemade
I really, really, appreciate your attention to my account.  You don't give up and you try and be creative.  You understand the financial limitations, but at the same time also recognize our value.  I really feel like I've got broker support from you.  You're not afraid to negotiate on my behalf.  Sometimes people take the easy route.  You never do. Thanks!
Eve McClure, President, Quantum, Inc.
The entire team at BSB wants to thank you, Kevin, for your wonderful leadership in this effort. You made it happen, striking quickly and with authority to bring this HUGE opportunity on board. Thank you!! Udaman!!!
Gerry Butler, Blacksmith Brands, Pediacare, Ludens, Efferdent


Outstanding job! What a way to kick off your representation of Jolly Time! Thanks for a job well done!
Chris McDonald, Northeast Regional Sales Manager, American Pop Corn Co.